8 Reasons to choose Hervey Bay Limousine Service for business travel


1/ With Hervey Bay Limousine Service, you will save up to 20% on all staff  travel. You will also save on administration time and costs, cost of eTickets, and staff expense management time. Hervey Bay Limousine Service is quick and simple to use via our smartphone website or via our website using a desktop, laptop, or tablet.


2/ Hervey Bay Limousine Service Fixed Fares are calculated on the best value route. What this means is that you’ll save on Hervey Bay Limousine Service Limousine fares compared with standard variable meter trips – our drivers will not take the “scenic” route to maximise fare amounts, and trips are quoted prior to completion of booking. Traffic and other issues will not equate to a higher fare.


 3/ Visibility of all staff Limousine travel. With our centralised control and real-time reporting, all staff trips are recorded and reported.


 4/ With Hervey Bay Limousine Service, you can use set travel policies for your staff and easily identify fraudulent staff travel should it occur. This saves your business time and money and represents unparalleled transparency.


5/ With Hervey Bay Limousine Service, you eliminate the need for cash payments or in-cab payment. Business accounts will be set up and we offer multiple payment methods: pre and post paid accounts, individual corporate cards, or a centralised corporate card payment to suit your business and your preferences.


 6/ Your staff’s safety is our priority. Hervey Bay Limousine Service only uses licensed, state registered and fully insured Limousine drivers, and all vehicles used by  are equipped with real-time GPS tracking for your staff’s wellbeing at all times.


7/ Book on behalf of your staff and guests. It’s so easy to book with Hervey Bay Limousine Service – take the stress of finding transport and know that your employees and your business guests are getting the very best service.


8/ The system is free to use and implement.


There is nothing easier or more convenient than booking your transport with Hervey Bay Limousine Service. Ph 07 41245855.